Katie is a powerful young woman who at a young age fell in love with the people of Uganda and followed her heart to go live there and help inspire them. She set up an organization that helps to educate and spiritually guide these young, vulnerable families. She lives among them and often brings sickly people into her own home to bring them care and comfort. Through adoption, she has fulfilled a dream to become a mother and her family of girls continues to grow. This is her personal memoir of her struggles to find comfort and answers in God’s words as she tries to comfort the sick and dying people around her. She questions her own faith as we readers may have done, and throughout this story, Katie assures us that our questions may be answered in ways that we do not expect.

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Daring to Hope is a story of finding hope in our everyday lives. Katie has made the impossible believable with this inspirational memoir of a religious personal quest. This is a book that will pull at heartstrings and is an easy read. It’s nice to read an uplifting story that restores some faith in humanity with all the terrible things plastered across the news.

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