Santa Montefiore’s The Daughters of Ireland is a gorgeous, sweepingly romantic tale of love and loss. Following The Girl in the Castle, this is Montefiore’s second book featuring the Deverill family. Set in the 1920s, Montefiore tells the stories of three memorable women.

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Kitty Deverill lives near Castle Deverill and is raising her half-brother, Jack, with a husband she doesn’t love, all the while pining for her childhood sweetheart, Jack O’Leary. Celia Mayberry, Kitty’s cousin from the London branch of the family, who cherishes fond memories of Castle Deverill, moves to Ireland to rebuild the castle after it burns to the ground. Bridie Doyle, formerly Kitty’s lady’s maid, returns from America as a rich, widowed socialite. After having an affair with Kitty’s father, Lord Deverill, she was forced to give up her son to a convent and she now wants to take little Jack back from Kitty. Will Bridie regain her son and ever regain her friendship with Kitty? Will Kitty find true love with Jack? Will Celia restore Castle Deverill to its former glory?

With lush descriptions of both the Irish countryside and the bustling life of 1920s New York, this romantic saga will find many new fans as Montefiore showcases the remarkable lives of three strong, impassioned women.

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