In true pug fashion, Pig (the Pug) stole my heart with his flat little face and silly antics. This book in the Pig the Pug series highlights Pig’s character flaw of being very focused on winning, even if it means cheating, and not being a fun friend to be around and play with. While this concept is for a slightly older crowd than the crowd at our house (4-5 years old), my little one enjoyed the silly pug, and found trusty Trevor (the Dachshund) intriguing. I enjoyed reading aloud the rhymes and phrasing. We will certainly be reading this, and more of the Pig the Pug series, as it is an enjoyable series to read, and hits on key “life” lessons for the young (and the old, if we listen).

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One of my favorite lines: “But if he DID lose, he’d throw a pink fit. He’d scream and he’d cry and he just wouldn’t quit.”

How many parents can relate to this – a pink fit!?!

I absolutely recommend bringing Pig the Winner (Pig the Pug) into your home.

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