Choy has armed every business person with a secret weapon through Let the Story Do the Work. Choy contends that stories are much more powerful than your standard business language of data and numbers. In fact, listeners will remember a good story far longer than your latest numbers or facts. Choy shares the principle elements of storytelling and the five basic plots in part one of the book. Part two focuses on bringing the story to life and finally, part three helps the reader bring his own story to life.

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“A story with business impact should ultimately be about the audience and their needs; they will know what to do with your story and will benefit most from it….”

This book is filled with ideas, concepts, exercises, step-by-step instructions, and tips. This reviewer especially liked the “Now it’s your turn” and story outline sections that make practical application much easier for the reader. As a bonus, Choy includes a section for nonprofits as they craft their stories for donors. As typical with most Amacom publications, this book is a winner with its sound advice, easy-to-read style, and boundless examples. This is a must read if storytelling is remotely close to being one of your personal goals.

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