Like other Pig the Pug books, Pig the Elf is full of this larger-than-life dog, both in attitude and life lessons. The big lesson in this book is: do no bite Santa’s rear. Just kidding, while that is a key part of the story, Pig upon the final, albeit sill limited reflection, and via Trevor the wise dachshund’s eternal wisdom, realizes that Christmas is not about quantity, greed, and pure commercialism.

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The story is fun to read with its rhyming, clever verse. Pig’s wish list to Santa is quite lengthy, and pretty comical (see end of story for full listing), but the title is a little misleading, as (spoiler alert) Pig is never really an elf – more of an anti-elf, or a self-elf. Perhaps this would make for an interesting conversation with your little reader. What does being an elf mean? The extra detail in the illustrations add to the story, without being overwhelming, like Santa’s fancy underpants. As with other Pig the Pug stories, this one does not disappoint, and will be making the holiday book rotation at our house.

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