Yajide and Akin meet by chance and marry quickly. Yajide longs for children but although she and Akin have passed their health tests, parenthood escapes them. Yajide tries all sorts of alternative methods to bear children without luck. Although it is culturally acceptable for Akin to take another wife so that he can have a son, the couple has agreed that they are not interested in that route. Suddenly, Akin’s family shows up with a second wife for Akin which causes distress and turmoil in their marriage. The plot twists and turns as a variety of characters including the second wife and Akin’s brother enter the couple’s life and relationship. Akin harbors several secrets that cause the couple to be tried and tested in multiple ways.

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Adebayo flawlessly tells a story that they reader could never have foreseen with multiple plot twists that are thought-provoking and surprising. Adebayo also weaves in some Nigerian history, events, and culture that readers will find interesting. Stay with Me provokes the reader to ponder the sacrifice of marriage and how far one can and should go to ensure a marriage stays on track.

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