Penguins Love Their ABC’s, by Sarah Aspinall, is an enjoyable ABC book, featuring six adorable penguins who go in search of the alphabet hidden in the snow, using pictures that start with the letter they are looking for. The colorful illustrations are not too busy and provide additional context to the letter. The example nouns are a good mix of food and objects, some classic examples (e.g. apple, duck) and other more inventive (e.g. noodles, wheelbarrow, zucchini), that weave nicely into the penguins’ adventure.

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I did notice that the book jacket highlights this as a hide and seek story, the penguins doing the hunting versus a reader seek and find/I spy style book. A bonus story line is the inclusion of ‘u is for underpants’ featuring some pretty adorable, clearly potty-trained, penguins. We are wading into this developmental phase so more opportunities to highlight the awesomeness of wearing underwear is welcomed. The only slightly tricky part in this book was the penguins’ names could just as well be nouns in the alphabet, so for my almost three-year-old, I left out the name to focus on the letter sound that matches. I recommend that you add these penguins into your collection.

P.S. P is for paintbrush, not penguin.

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