Daniel Miyares has illustrated a vivid, engaging version of Langston Hughes’ 1924 poem “Dream Variation.” And despite almost a hundred years since it was penned, Hughes’ seventy-seven-word work still rings with truth and dreams. While we don’t have separate drinking fountains (illustrated by Miyares) we certainly still have racial inequality. This book presents an approachable platform to have conversations with young people and also serves as a poignant reminder for adults.

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My favorite imagery is Miyares’ use of various song birds, upon which children fly, representing dreams and hope. He pairs this visual metaphor to the words “That is my dream! To fling my arms wide / In the face of the sun, Dance! Whirl! Whirl!” Miyares’ illustrator blog features his artwork in several other books as well as a sneak peek into an upcoming project. His style is evident and consistent in That is My Dream! pairing color, detail and whimsy to elaborate on Hughes’ poem. This book belongs in every library, classroom, and to be read in every little one’s home.

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