Schofield writes from experience as he coaches clients on retirement and career planning. Schofield even shares his own example of what he and his wife did to determine where they were going to live in retirement. Schofield contends that retirement has evolved and looks nothing like our parents’ retirement era. “The fact that we still use the word retirement, as outdated as it is, won’t change until there is a newer and more accurate descriptor that comes along.” Tons of stories and examples are shared and even some “homework” for the reader to consider, answer and use to plan action steps. Chapters on asking the right questions, keeping up your skills and making sacrifices all paint an informative picture for the 50-plus reader as he considers his next steps.

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“How Do I Get There from Here” gives readers good information – some of it thought provoking and some of it more obvious. Although some chapters have exercises, it would have been even more helpful if each chapter provided a summary and some activities for reflection. The pages are dense with text and a bit more white space would have made this book more readable, as well as providing space for note taking. Overall, this book offers some good insights for someone totally unprepared for the retirement planning process.

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