Be Brave, Little Penguin is from the creators of Giraffes Can’t Dance (a favorite book at our house currently). Pip-Pip steals the show and your heart as the main character. He is an adorable, yet hesitant and scared penguin who doesn’t want to swim. The pairing of Parker-Rees’s illustrations and Andreae’s use of simple dialogue really pull the reader, young and old, into the story and Pip-Pip’s fear of things under the water.

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Just as the title promises, this book is about being brave (and shows one way to not approach a young one who is scared and a ‘better way, via the penguins’ parenting styles) and trying new things. It is likely me (the adult reader) projecting but when Momma Penguin shuts down Daddy Penguin after he tells Pip-Pip to just not “be scared of the water. What a silly things to say!”, the look on his face is pretty priceless. I wish that perhaps it wasn’t the father penguin that said this/took this response, maybe just a random penguin or other animal, as this stereotype doesn’t fit many parents nor families today. That said, we are going to read this book several times and talk about getting ready for swimming lessons. Pip-Pip captured my toddler’s attention and the story is overall enjoyable to read. This book presents many opportunities to talk about things like not laughing at people who might be afraid or different (Pip-Pip is small and other penguins laugh).

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