Navigating the world of work can often be frustrating, perplexing, and even maddening at times. Grow Wherever You Work offers a little light at the end of the tunnel through words of wisdom, stories, examples, and ideas for action. Barsh concentrates on 12 different work scenarios and breaks each one down into bite-sized issues with several stories and examples. She follows the story with a “So What” which engages the reader. Issues covered range from making a mistake to working with an office villain to when you must be a superhero and even when everything sucks.

“Challenges are not flashing danger signs, but spectacular opportunities to grow faster and smarter.”

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And so Barsh asks the reader to reframe their approach. She offers ideas and perspectives after each story. Some stories are accompanied by a bullet list of questions, key points or action items. The reader could easily focus on their target problem and go directly to that chapter but the stories are interesting enough, that a full-read of the book would certainly benefit the reader. Ultimately, Barsh is skilled at making the reader realize that these work issues are tiny blips sure to be conquered by breaking them down and putting them in a perspective that makes success achievable.

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