Have you ever wanted to have aliens sweep you away to compete on an intergalactic cooking show, while developing a sweet romance and dodging your rival’s plots to end your existence? In Space Battle Lunchtime Vol. 2: A Recipe for Disaster, Peony has secured an unlikely spot as one of Space Battle Lunchtime’s top contenders, her flavorful and passionate cooking stealing the hearts of the judges – and possibly one of the other contestants, Neptunia, she of the mysterious past and kick-ass attitude. Unfortunately, her victory – and her life – come in danger of being lost when SBL’s knockoff Cannibal Coliseum abducts Peony for their own show. Can Peony stay alive long enough to cook up something good? Will Neptunia realize where she’s gone, and forgive her for missing their date? Will Peony’s rival Melonhead steal the show?

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Publisher: Oni Press
Formats: Paperback, eBook, Kindle
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Natalie Riess has created a comic so cute the reader might forget that they’re reading about the death and consumption of intelligent creatures, but balances that cuteness with self-aware compositional irony. With each page awash in lush color, and with a whimsical style that combines comedy, action, and emotion in equal parts, Space Battle Lunchtime Vol. 2: A Recipe for Disaster fills the niche for those wanting a blend of Hunger Games, Adventure Time, and Iron Chef to sink their teeth into. Proving that comic storylines really can be about anything, SBL entertains with every panel.

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