“All I desired was to live in peace, to love my family, and to tend my flock. What have I done wrong, Lord, that would make You punish me so?”

These were the first thoughts that had come to Tabor’s mind after his injured body, dragged by ruthless Roman guards, met the rough, stony floor of a dirty, dark, and stinky prison cell. From this moment Tabor’s dramatic and engaging story, told by him to other cell’s prisoners and to you, reader, unfolds step by step. Using the first-person narrative, Tabor’s author, Dixie Distler, easily reaches readers’ sympathy and full attention to Tabor’s fetching character and his involvement in mighty and significant events. Being born two weeks before Jesus in the same place and under the same mysterious and magnificent star known as Star of Bethlehem, Tabor simply couldn’t avoid it. His attempt to live a normal, typical for Jewish shepherds, family life is interrupted by the cruel Roman authorities. Tabor, another survivor of Herod’s butchery of the innocents, has to defend his family and perform several very dangerous missions.

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Dixie Distler’s close knowledge of the Biblical historiography is based on more than thirty years of teaching experience at her local church. From here has brought her longing for historical fiction writing. Without a doubt she is a very skillful storyteller and her recent book, Tabor is proof. Scarce Biblical description of different events gives her opportunity to create a believable and authentic fictional story while using its factual material. For good and for bad, Tabor’s life miraculously intertwines with many crucial Biblical figures. However, giving freedom to her imagination, Dixie Distler is very careful with her divine source. Without deductions she determinedly delivers an important message and provokes deep thoughts about the meaning of life, devotion, and faith. The hero of the story isn’t occasionally named Tabor. According to Christian tradition, Mt. Tabor is believed to be a place of Jesus’ Transfiguration. Here, according to Dixie Distler, Tabor is transfigured onto the first Christian. Nevertheless, whether you agree with her assumption or not, you won’t be disappointed by the experience of following Tabor’s brave but sad narrative.

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