Christian Edward’s The Straight Path offers suggestions on how readers could attempt to find their true purpose in life. This isn’t a book geared strictly towards those of the Christian faith, and the book points out that the morals and guidelines in the book, while framed in a loosely Christian narrative, are all-inclusive.

In short, the book endeavors to guide readers onto “the straight path,” which largely revolves around overcoming earthly vices in order to reach our greatest potential. At its basis, it’s stating that we should avoid addictions (drugs, gambling, alcohol), fears, jealousy, to eat healthy and exercise, and to treat others with respect and honor. All of these are basic principles in most religions.

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“This guide examines how thought and action shape evolution and how evolution is a physical, mental, and spiritual process of development. It explains how an individual’s thoughts and actions shape their mind and body and how these mental and physical changes are passed to their children.”

The quote above makes some lofty claims, but does the book fully follow through? Not completely. The book is broken up into three major sections: The Soul, The Mind, and The Body. The book is short, only 89 pages, but could probably have been even shorter due to the repetition involved. The Straight Path doesn’t work too well as a self-help book, as it is lacking lessons to implement the suggestions and guidance in the book. There’s nothing really new, or groundbreaking here, and much of the suggestions are likely obvious to many. The book doesn’t fully fit into Christian Living, since it’s trying to be a bit more inclusive of other religions than most Christian Living works, but also doesn’t fit too well in New Age as it’s structured around Roman Catholic idealism. This hybrid book may struggle in finding its audience, but its length makes it approachable, and the book touches on some very common-sense ideas – ideas which some people may accept more readily when framed with the context of God and choosing to enrich your soul by becoming the master of your own mind and body.

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