Fulford does not mince words – English words are difficult to spell. He contends that spelling is tied to reading and if a child does not spell well their reading proficiency is impacted. Fulford also dismisses how spelling is currently taught to children and feels not enough time is devoted to spelling. Since Fulford was a teacher, he has written How to Teach English Spelling with both parents and teachers in mind. The book uses the strategy to teach correct syllabication and pronunciation together to provide the correct “hints” for a person to learn to spell correctly. The book is then divided into three parts. Part one focuses on markers or guides, part two deals with consonants, and part three focuses on spelling problems based on vowels.

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The book contains essentially 52 lessons that provide spelling rules and numerous spelling lists to support learning the focused sound or letter combination. Spelling is not just memorization, but instead, understanding “rules” that help children sound out and break down the word. Examples include GH words, homophones and short A and silent E. Fulford’s explanation and thorough strategies will surely provide another tool for teachers to help their students master spelling and ultimately reading, too. There is nothing fancy about the book; it is straightforward, but very useful. The endless lists provide lots of options for teachers and parents alike.

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