Mary McScary prides herself on being able to scare everyone, but can she frighten her unflappable cousin Harry? Mary McScary is horror master R.L. Stine’s second picture book collaboration with illustrator Marc Brown, and young kids will be delighted.

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Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook
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Mary McScary doesn’t just shout “Boo!,” she shouts “Booooooooo!” She scares her parents at every meal and her pets, too! But her cousin Harry doesn’t find her scary. Mary outdoes herself trying to frighten Harry: she dresses up in her scariest costume, she sets loose giant spiders, she releases slimy snakes. However, his reaction is not what she expects. In each instance, Harry compliments her choices. All set to give up, Mary finally finds the perfect way to freak out her cousin: she gives him a kiss! Bright, vivid illustrations and the expressive faces of the creatures throughout make this picture book pop.

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