This is a very special book intended for like-minded readers. It features animal communication and alternative animal healing modalities. Unless you believe or would like to learn something about these things, this book is probably not for you.

Devotion is about encounters with and between people and the singularly significant animals that they encounter and form a bond with. To these people, they’re so close as to be considered soulmates. There are sixteen stories involving ten dogs, four horses, one cat and a lion.

Ms. Houson is involved with animal rescue groups and is the founder and executive director of Finding Forever, a foundation dedicated to the cause of animal rescue. So, it’s not surprising that the majority of the animal partners are from rescue settings. Devotion is her third book, the others titled: Finding Forever and Four Legged Wisdom.

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It must be said that not all of the relationships are smooth on the surface. Many of the animals have had rough starts in life and some of the human partners have deficits that have to be overcome, managed, or compensated for by mutual love and respect. This reviewer has no trouble agreeing with that part even though I’ve no experience of the extended contacts related in the book.

As revealed in my reviewer profile, I’m the owner-servant of two Labrador Retrievers and a cat, so I can relate to a lot of the events described in the book, including some rough spots. I wouldn’t presume to say we’re soulmates, but we are a family and it seems to be enough.

If you are curious about animal communication and spiritual healing modalities, Ms. Houson provides links to people and organizations that will put you in touch.

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