#Next Level Manners is a condensed guidebook for the dos and dos of modern social etiquette. From perfecting handshakes to dressing to impress, it covers it all. Though many of the sections within the book review basic manners, it also addresses more current issues such as social media decorum. The goal of the book is getting millennials (and others who are interested) to the point where they are comfortable using the tools within the book to successfully advance in their given career.

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The concept behind the book is good. The execution is where it fails to impress. Most of the advice given is common sense. It feels like it’s written by someone who doesn’t know and who’s never worked with millennials. While the advice given is well intentioned, the delivery misses the mark. The use of jargon, emojis and hashtags feels like the author is stereotyping millennials rather than really understanding them and their motivations. Additionally, it doesn’t take into account that many modern workplaces aren’t as formal as they used to be. In certain industries being too formal comes across poorly.

With the plethora of articles and posts readily available for free online, this book doesn’t seem necessary. The target demographic is more likely to read online articles then order a physical copy of this book. Furthermore, though it’s never too late to learn business etiquette, a book like this might be better directed toward younger generations who have yet to enter the workplace, or better yet, parents who can share these tips with their children.

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