A sequel to the popular Peanut Butter & Brains, Peanut Butter & Aliens is a fun story set again in Quirkville with its kind townsfolk and friendly zombies and once again featuring Reginald the Zombie and Abigail. In this day and age, it is nice to meet some good zombies and people that are willing to collaborate and solve problems, in this case aliens with a language barrier. The promotional reviews note that the Aliens are evil, but I think they are just hangry and misunderstood. My little guy and I enjoyed reading this story, despite having not read the original Brains book. He doesn’t necessarily understand zombies and aliens but he does like peanut butter and jelly and colorful stories with fun words and a little rhyming.

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The story is easy to read, although using the word culinary is a bit of a stretch. The alien’s only word, SPLOINK, is fun to say in varying voices, mine came across more Mr. Roboto-like. The young girl, Abigail, is the leader in solving the problem (along with co-solver, Reginald the Zombie) and then takes it one more step to turn it into a business. Win for strong girls in stories! There is additional diversity in the illustrations, not pale zombies, although Abigail is white presenting. I happen to be a huge peanut butter fan and now consider myself a Joe McGee Peanut Butter series fan too. I would suggest reading the first book before jumping into the Aliens sequel as it filled in a few gaps for us.

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