In Matt Carr’s delightful picture book, Superbat, Pat the bat is tired of being a normal bat. He wants to be a superhero like the characters in his favorite comic books. So, he sews his own caped crusader costume and becomes Superbat! Gentle humor buoys the narrative – Superbat mentions that his super powers include super hearing and his friends squeal “So do we!” When he boasts that he can fly, they reply, “We all can fly! What else can you do?” Feeling defeated, he starts to head home when his supersonic hearing picks up on a family of mice being threatened by a naughty cat. He swoops across town and scares away the nasty feline, and his friends help him discover that his super power is courage. Carr’s cute illustrations and bright colors (the pages alternate between cheerful primary colors of red and yellow) will keep kids turning the pages. The book ends with some fun facts about bats.

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Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Kindle
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