After the persecution her family suffered and the death of her husband in her homeland of Russia, Leah and her two young boys hope to find a new life in the United States. With the help of her two uncles, she makes the difficult journey to her new home in New York city and, hopefully, a better life. She discovers that life in America has its own struggles and she works to support her family in terrible conditions, even as she fights to keep her eldest son from falling in with the wrong crowd. Her journey will bring her opportunities for new love, new experiences, and also her own voice and a chance to feel as if she is finally an American.

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Even though Where Do I Go, by Beverly Magid, has some intense topics and themes, it comes across as a light read. The book does a wonderful job of portraying life in the early 1900s for immigrants in New York City. the occasional use of Yiddish can be difficult to follow at times, but adds a wonderful connection to the family as they themselves find difficulties with language barriers and adds to the ambiance the author has created. One of the main flaws with the story is that some moments in the book may leave the reader feeling as if the scene was a small clip of a larger moment. Readers will enjoy the story’s themes of determination and perseverance. Overall, the book is an enjoyable and captivating read.

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