The small brown and pink whimsical cover immediately makes the potential reader curious about what Chocolatology potentially offers. Who doesn’t love chocolate and this quirky book reminds us of all the reasons why chocolate intrigues us. The book opens with the history of chocolate and reinforces that cacao was the food of the gods. Some history covered in chocolate includes royalty, slavery, and wars. This book pushes something beyond fair trade-local ownership and local trade, too. The history lesson is supplemented by some additional resources noted in the first chapter. The second chapter covers common terminology and definitions. The remainder of the book comprises of a variety of recipes, both savory and sweet.

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Formats: Hardcover
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Numerous photos litter this book and are a nice addition to the varied recipes. Recipes are organized by beverages, desserts, sauces and spreads, soups, and main courses. There is even a candy section and the science of chocolate. Chocolatology packs a lot of information in a very small book, which causes the pages to be a bit too busy and cluttered. Line drawings and pink text boxes highlight even more information. Recipes are vegan, easy-to-follow, and include serving size and cooking time. Chocolatology is a unique book on a much-loved topic and clearly the authors love chocolate as much as this reviewer!

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