At first glance Map of the Heart will appear to be another sappy, romantic love story, and to a point, it is. But there is more to this story than first meets the reader’s eye. Camille Adams is moving through life clouded by fear after her husband’s death five years ago. Her daughter, Julie, is fighting her own demons, while Camille is oblivious to her struggles. Even Camille’s father is harboring a secret. When Camille is approached by professor Finn to unlock a secret the plot takes an interesting turn. The reader is immersed in the French Provencal countryside during WWII. History encroaches on present day and the chapters go back and forth to give the reader details to connect the dots of the story.

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Wiggs expertly weaves a tale of past and present. She paints a picturesque life of her characters, but when the story scrapes below the surface, the truth unfolds hurt, fear and raw human emotions of hope. A summer trip to Provence heals as it reveals past truths and details that allow Camille, Julie, Finn and Julie’s father to face the truth and move forward in their lives. Map of the Heart will resonate with readers because it feels so personal and explores and interesting time in history. The themes are current and timeliness and make for an engrossing read.

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