“We all do things we regret. Sometimes we’re part of something that we just can’t control. It’s our reactions to those situations that define our future.”

The main protagonist of the story, Avery Handle, is a worldwide known neurosurgeon specializing in brain cancer. This kind of tumor is virtually incurable. However, already in the first years of his brilliant career, Dr. Handle developed a new, unbelievably successful method for handling this deadly disease. His patients and their relatives respond differently while learning of their noxious diagnosis. You’ll meet some of his problematic patients and see their reactions to the malady during the narrative progress. It also appears that not only do his patients need to deal with their potentially terminal illness, but also the famous surgeon as well. The interactions between all the involved personalities is complicated, dense, and very intense. It may take a little longer than you anticipate, but eventually the author proficiently ties all the loose ends together. Without a doubt you’ll be shocked, puzzled, and even confused by Handle’s method.

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Dave Adair’s first book Random Lucidity, with its unpredictable end, was highly praised by critics and readers and honored by a Silver Medal for Literary Fiction from the eLit Book Awards in 2015. His second book, The Handle Method, is also intriguing and no less fascinating a novel than the first one. Following the rules of the mystery genre the story becomes even more interesting by suddenly taking a different turn when you think that all is finally clear. Its end is unpredictable, although some turns may be vaguely guessed by sophisticated aficionados of this genre. Even so, the writing is captivating beginning from the first arresting and striking sentence: “How long is too long to know you are going to die?” This phrase just takes you aback and the text is abundant with other noticeable strong and bold expressions. The story will certainly push you think about decisions people make well after you finish the book. The subject matter of the book, death and how people react to its nearness, provokes deep thinking. So, take your time.

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