There is nothing small about Tiny’s big can-do attitude, and that is the whole point of this clever, wonderful illustrated story about a dog, presumably little in stature, named Tiny and his human kid owner and cheerleader. The kid does not appear to have a name but is a kind, patient, be-speckled and a young person of color. He has some great lines of encouragement that would be awesome to work into everyday conversations such as “Hey, what are you digging up? Whoa! Big job for a little pup! But I know for sure what you can do. Tiny, I believe in you.”

Tiny digs and digs through most of the pages finding quite the series of rhyming objects, playing off the bone theme: e.g. fish bone, wishbone and trombone. All the while keeping his doubters in check with motivational phrases like “I am I-don’t-give-up strong” or “I am I-stick-to-it-strong!”

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Tiny gets his big reward and finds what he initially sniffed out at the beginning, a full-size walking dinosaur skeleton. Rinker authored other hit books in our house (Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and Steam Train, Dream Train) and this book does not disappoint and still has its own unique feel and story line. Meyers created simple but still fun and supportive graphics with the story that really bring each character to life and illustrate the effort Tiny is exerting. I definitely recommend this book for its fun phrasing, strong characters, diverse characters, and great simple lessons.

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