I will admit at the opening that I have not yet seen Matilda, so I did not have a basis for this song. That made reading it a little challenging the first time and that is on me. However, there is nothing a quick internet video can’t solve. After watching/listening to the song, we re-read the book and really enjoyed the story. Steve Antony illustrates the song is some new/fresh ways, not just re-telling Matilda and shows all kinds of children playing and imagining what life will be like when they grow up. My favorite illustration is paired with the verse β€œAnd when I grow up, I will have treats every day…” showing more than half a dozen types of children (including children of color, one in a wheelchair, some with glasses) all making a conga line of sorts with shopping cars and bags full of treats. Of note, many of these treats appear to be fruits, but also the more traditional ‘treat’ type foods. I also enjoyed the illustration that pairs with the line β€œ…will watch cartoons until my eyes go square….” This page has the most detail per square inch in this book and we spent several minutes looking, discussing, and playing I Spy. There are pirates, musical bears, aliens, a double-decker bus full of fruit, and turtle in space among other things.

I recommend this book and suggest pairing it with watching Matilda (or at least this song), so you can sing-song read it with your littles. Enjoy the illustrations!

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