Marriages take work and faces lots challenges, so when Celestial and Roy face unexpected trauma as newlyweds, the stakes are even greater. Celestial is a rising artist and Roy is a business executive and by outward appearances they are a successful Black couple “making it” in Atlanta. Suddenly their lives change when Roy goes to prison and Celestial finds comfort in her childhood friend, Andre. When Roy unpredictably gets out of prison he imagines he will pick up his life where it left off five years prior, but Celestial has made a name for herself with her art and planned a potential life with Andre.

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Jones expertly captures the naivete of a young couple new in their togetherness. After only one and a half years together, the foundation is not as solid as imagined and Jones creates a couple grappling with who each of them are as an individual, as well as, a couple. The story progresses with a great deal of back and forth that keeps the reader guessing how the story will play out. Nonetheless, the reader will feel the anguish and inner struggles of Celestial, Roy and Andre and perhaps ponder how she might handle a similar situation.

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