In the small town of Henry Adams, Kansas, a historically African-American town owned by a powerful African-American woman, a tornado touched down leaving two young children abandoned and homeless. Gemma Dahl, a white woman with a difficult past, finds them walking down the road and welcomes them into her life by taking them home where she raises her grandson, Wyatt. After notifying authorities who will look into the children’s background, she settles into getting them comfortable in their new surroundings. She is allowed to keep them long enough for both she and Wyatt to bond with Luke and Jasmine. All four of them are hopeful that the authorities will grant Gemma parental consent for the newcomers even though she is not of their race. Meanwhile, Jack and Rocky are making wedding plans although Jack’s mother clearly wants to take charge. Rocky finds herself losing focus when issues arise at work that could cause problems. Mal and Bernadine aren’t even talking now. And, the wise and older ladies, Tamar and her cousin Eula, decide to forgive and forget past grievances, when Eula is given only a few months to live and needs a place to live. Then the celebration days of August 1st come together for the July family members and the small town swells with people. All this time, Lucas and Jasmine are bonding with this community and hoping they will find happiness here in Henry Adams.

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Henry Adams, Kansas may be one of the nicest fictional small towns to dwell in! This is the setting for the eighth installment of The Blessings novels by Beverly Jenkins, author of Chasing Down a Dream. This is a faith-based story focusing on families. The characters are very well-developed and each one has their unique and quirky personality. The story is fast paced with savvy chatter between the characters. Having never read a Blessings novel, this reader was not lost as this is a good standalone story. It is a heartwarming story of a community that takes care of each other. It encourages family togetherness and celebrates the uniqueness of families! This reader looks forward to reading some of the other works in this series!

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