Let’s face it, the holidays combined with wonky family dynamics can be a stressful time for many folks. So, when Thanksgiving Day finds Adam and Marissa at crossroads in their lives, readers will immediately connect to the characters. Adam is a recovering alcoholic that has burned every bridge possible with his family. He suddenly leaves Thanksgiving morning and finds himself at the airport bar waiting for a flight back home to San Francisco. Marissa, a flight attendant, also finds herself at the airport bar as she ponders how her marriage has quickly gotten so out of control. Their chance meeting leads to a Thanksgiving Day that neither of them could have predicted.

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Thanksgiving Day as the backdrop of quintessential American life where families are left confused by the actions of Adam and Marissa make a decidedly interesting storyline. Feldman expertly captures the chaos and confusion while creating characters that are fraught with pain. Past actions are exaggerated to prove a point that choices are never easy but Marissa and Adam must take responsibility for bad decisions and past indiscretions. This reviewer enjoyed Feldman’s direct style and easy-to-follow story where the characters came through loud and clear to culminate in a less-than-storybook ending.

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