Dakota Jones, a tall, good-looking specimen of military service, travels to Sullivan’s Crossing in Colorado. He is hoping to reconnect with siblings he hasn’t seen for the past fifteen years while he served. Dakota isn’t sure what he is looking for or what his future might hold as he enters into the town. He heads for the bar and cafe in town and attracts attention right away from the local girls with his smile and good looks. Bar tender Sidney, or Sid as she is called, is a recent addition to the town and helps out her brother with his bar. Due to her recent divorce, Sid is the one girl in town who seems indifferent to Dakota. Dakota finds himself intrigued with Sid and wanting to get to know her better. Settling into town life, Dakota spends time with his siblings as he tries making time with Sid. Dakota’s good nature surprises SId as she learns to trust him and men again. His troubled childhood with his dysfunctional parents takes on focus as each of his siblings come to terms with their disappointments in their life and try to move forward in a more positive terms.

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This western romance continues the saga of the Jones Family at Sullivan’s Crossing. Robyn Carr builds on her characters with each new novel, making them more well-rounded and believable as vibrant individuals. She adds small plots to the larger theme of the story and builds interest with other characters. Each story is filled with real people and current issues. This can be read as a stand-alone book as some events are mentioned that keep the reader current with events. This romance story touches on more serious topics like divorce, stalking, betrayal, mental illness, and adoption. This makes for good storytelling by a good author!

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