In The One Percent Edge Solovic challenges businesses to confront the status quo by always assessing and making incremental improvements. Changes should focus on products, customers, people, processes, marketing, finances, and leadership. There is a chapter on each of these facets that gives the reader questions to ask and thoughts to consider. There are case studies with relevant lessons and then bulleted lists of suggestions. For example, Solovic touts the benefits of technology in business but also cautions business to not forget that “high touch” is still needed to complement the higher efficiency. And does outsourcing some IT functions make sense or inhibit the ability to collaborate with customers?

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“People need to know how their work fits into the larger mission. Playing a small role in an important production is fine, but playing a small role in a pointless production is toxic to for teamwork and productivity.”

Running a business requires discipline and focus on the right things that can make a difference in the business’s survival. Solovic’s book does not offer any magic bullet, but instead asks leaders to focus on the seven areas that truly impact the bottom line, as well as the survival of any viable business. This book is worth reading, if for nothing else, to be reminded of this very fact.

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