My guess is, that if you are reading this review, you might just have a wordy birdy or few in your life. Wordy Birdy is endearing, observant, verbally gifted, probably about age four in toddler years and a ‘terrible listener,’ which for the purpose of this story, allows for plot, some suspense, and then two key lessons to learn. One about listening to avoid being eaten by a bear (and other perils of not listening) and two, about being a good friend and helping/rescuing when possible (thanks rabbit, squirrel and raccoon!).

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I really enjoyed this quick read with vivid pictures. Easy to make up fun voices or share the story by assigning a narrator position to a reader etc. For some reason, I am also really attracted to the fact that story basically starts on the inside of the front cover and goes all the way to the outside of the back cover, using conversation bubbles and four friends. This sets the tone for story and character personalities, which for being a quick children’s book, become readily apparent. I feel like the author also deserve bonus points for including the words bigfoot, unicorns, turtlenecks (had to explain that one) and tuna salad all in one book. Now, hopefully, it won’t take ‘523 more times’ for the lessons about listening to be adopted by my little reader. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more by Tammi Sauer.

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