Flora MacKenzie has left behind her dream job in London to return to her dream home on the island Mure, located near Scotland. Her boss, Joel, has returned to the island with her. She has secretly liked him for the past four years and has found him to be a difficult person to really get to know, but she has found herself loving him unconditionally. Flora has come home to her family with a Dad and multiple brothers and also some old school friends too. Her family members each have their story to tell as one looks for love again, another buys his dream car, and the third plans for his own wedding, a first time gay wedding on the island of Mure. Flora has opened a delightful small cafe that feeds the local few islanders and also the tourists who visit the island by boat in the summertime. Flora finds herself trying to keep her business afloat on the off-season and wonders about her romance with Joel, when he takes off to New York City for a month. Can she take a chance on love with Joel amid these fears?

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Jenny Colgan has written many novels and is a New York Times best selling author. She begins this novel with background from the previous story and also has a page of pronunciations of names for her characters that this reader appreciated. She also included a map of the island Mure. The Endless Beach is a warm, fast-paced story of life on this quirky island with its odd characters. She wrote with vivid details of the sights and smells and weather on the island. This is a great standalone story that is perfect for a quick and relaxing read.

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