Katie Reid is an author, speaker, and a singer who uses her abilities to encourage you the reader and many others to simply try finding grace in your daily lives. There are many Marthas in this world who never find time to simply be. Do you ever find yourself comparing Mary and Martha from the Bible and then feeling a bit uneasy for being a Martha go-getter type person? She hopes to inspire others to feel okay about being that person. “When you stop trying to fix everyone and everything around you, you begin to experience joy and peace in a deeper way,” says Katie. Using experiences from her own life along with vivid biblical examples, Katie reminds us that we don’t need to temper our work ethics, but embrace our lives with the knowledge that Jesus did all of His hard work for us on the cross!

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Katie M. Reid is a mother of five and a down to earth person who shares her biblical knowledge in easy translation to everyone. The book is divided into three parts with a study guide section for individuals or groups for Bible Study. At the end of each part she has questions to help the reader reassess and reflect on the finished chapters. This reader found this story enlightening and positive and sometimes even funny.

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