Lavinia Starkhurst finds herself thrown into a situation that almost every married woman dreads, the accidental death of her wealthy husband, Chip. Showing little emotion and feeling pretty sure she must do something, Lavinia decides to road trip across country to put her feet into the Pacific Ocean! Throwing her grown family and friends aside, she feels she needs time for herself as she deals with her grief alone. Chip has left Lavinia financially secure, which leaves her able to lavish handsome tips to a few deserving individuals she meets along the road who have their own set of troubles to deal with. Through some of these encounters, she recognizes her past, good or bad, as she examines her two marriages and her roles as wife and mother. She is seeking something that she’s not sure of yet. She is trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life, has a few humorous moments during her trip, and a sheds a few tears too. She is hoping as the weeks go by that she is becoming a better somebody!

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This is a splendid tale of a middle age widow trying to find new purpose for her life. This story is written simply, is direct, and quite amusing. The Amendment is unexpectedly funny and has quirky characters with lots of flaws. The main character, Lavinia, has a sharp tongue and witty conversation. This is a follow up story using the same characters at a later time in their lives. However, this reader read it fine as a standalone story, having not read the previous installment. Lavinia becomes a brave and strong character to love and spending time with her is a joy!

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