Essie has experiences way beyond her seventeen years because she is a TV star on her family’s reality show. Her father is an evangelical preacher and her mother carefully presents her perfect family to the world. But, to no surprise, below the layers of perfection, many dark secrets hide that can easily destroy the carefully crafted perceptions. With Essie’s unintended pregnancy, an arranged marriage to Rourke is quickly procured and he becomes another pawn on the reality show that must be staged. Behind the scenes, Essie is trying to piece together her sister’s disappearance and how she wants to create her future beyond the confines of her stifling, dishonest family.

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The Book of Essie easily reads like front-page headlines where money and wealth reign and the fascination with celebrities skews what is right and wrong. Essie is faced with the prospect of learning to love (or at least trust) a stranger who she will purportedly spend the rest of her life with, as well as, decide if using the family secrets to destroy her family is worth the freedom it will give her in the long run. This novel is engrossing once the reader learns all the characters and it won’t be until the very end that the reader will learn what Essie decides to do.

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