The mind of Zoey Song is like a torrential river after a storm. Her thoughts are fast flowing with crazy twists and turns and, if you aren’t careful, you will find yourself swept along with them. Her high energy antics and (usually) unintentional trouble-making only add to her struggles to find a place for herself in the shadows of her twin sister and friends. No matter where her journey of self-discovery takes her, her friends and family will inevitably be swept up in the crazy and wacky flow that is the mind of the lovable and zany redheaded Zoey.

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Zoey’s Zany Life, by Mikayla Lowery, is one of the best examples of a child’s mind expressing “stream of consciousness.” For younger readers, Zoey’s flow of thoughts and conversations will be a humorous companion on whichever crazy adventure she decided to go on. For older readers, such as myself, her seemingly endless stream of thoughts was a wonderful reminder of when my younger self would dream and think and do a million things at once. The high energy and rapid flow of the main character’s words might make this book more difficult to enjoy for some readers, however, as it may feel a bit too chaotic and directionless for those who like a more structured reading experience. But for those who are younger, or at least younger at heart, this book is a wonderful and wacky adventure. As an added point of interest, Mikayla Lowery is eleven years old at the time of this book’s publication! Oh, and the recipes at the end are a great little addition worth trying for any who love to cook tasty meals.

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