Kimmy is so excited to go on a field trip with her class to the natural history museum for dinosaurs. She can’t wait to explain to her classmates all the things that she loves to learn about such as fossils and feathers and shells and stones. She has a grand collection of these items in her special room where she uses her magnifying glass to look at each item closer. She wants to become a scientist when she grows up. She loves dinosaurs too! But her ego gets crushed after she answers one of the teacher’s questions correctly when Jake, a boy in her class, tells Kimmy that just because she knows a lot that, “Girls aren’t scientists,” and suddenly Kimmy got quiet and decided to say nothing for awhile. She looked at photographs of some scientists on the wall and Jake came by to say “See,”  because they were all pictures of men. The teacher realizes that Kimmy is quiet and that she knows the answers to his questions but is not answering, and he shows her a picture of a famous female scientist. Now she can show this picture to Jake. Maybe Kimmy can change his mind.

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The Dinosaur Expert is a great story to inspire young girls in elementary school to not shy away from science. Kimmy is a strong character in the story as she keeps her cool around Jake and doesn’t let him bother her too much. This is an easy to read book that includes information on dinosaurs and makes it exciting for young readers with drawings that convey the children’s enthusiasm while exploring the museum. At the end of the story, there are pictures of real female scientists who are Paleontologists and the list is Kimmy’s choice! This is a large, hardback book that will become a treasure on some young girl’s book shelf. As the reviewer on this book, I found this a powerful story for young girls to read and enjoy!

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