Ever wondered what it would be like to time travel to the colony of Massachusetts during the American Revolution? This guide prepares time travelers for what to expect and how to survive during this time period. After a brief overview of the rules of time travel, the guide outlines the American Revolution in chronological order, beginning with the Boston Tea Party and culminating with the Siege of Yorktown. Helpful Hints, pictures, maps, and diagrams are dispersed throughout the book to provide additional insight into what it would be like to be in Colonial America. Readers can also learn more about historical figures of the time through sections titled, “People to Have Lunch With.”

This guide provides an overview of the American Revolution in a manner enjoyable and accessible to children. Rather than filling a book with facts about that period in history, the author constructs an immersive story. Through putting themselves in the mindset of time travelers, kids can more easily relate to historical events as they imagine themselves joining the Continental Army and fighting under George Washington’s command.

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Humorous tidbits and questions throughout the book encourage readers to assume more active roles in their learning. Stokes understands his audience. He presents history in a relevant and amusing way that is likely to encourage younger readers to learn more about the American Revolution after they’ve finished reading. Since this book is part of a series of books for “time travelers,” kids who enjoy this book can easily explore other periods in history following the completion of this guide.

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