Noble’s Lighthouse Beach gives the reader a glimpse of four unique characters dealing with personal issues. Lillo gets invited to her childhood friend’s exclusive wedding in Kennebunkport. She is not sure why she was invited, and she definitely knows she doesn’t belong. Jess is the bride and she wonders how she got strong armed by her parents to marry the groom. Diane is a CEO of a app development company and exudes confidence on the outside, but the inside is different. Allie struggles with her husband’s death and where she fits in his family business. When the wedding doesn’t go quite as planned, the four ladies end up on a road trip of sorts and land in the town of Lighthouse Beach, which is populated by another cast of characters.

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Lighthouse Beach is not loaded with deep meaning or complicated characters and storyline, but it is entertaining. Readers will be interested to learn how the women and the town intersect and how it plays out. The plot twists and turns but the outcomes are predictable. There are plenty of town secrets and love interests. Nonetheless, the book is entertaining and even humorous at times.

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