This historical mystery involves famous writers Byron, Shelley, Mary Shelley, and her stepsister Claire Clairmont. The story is told by Clair, the last surviving person in this small group of writers, as she tries her best to keep afloat until her funds run out in her twilight years. An offer has arisen which may be helpful for Clair and her niece, Paula. An aspiring writer wants to buy her letters that she holds dearly from Lord Byron her love, and Shelley who was a very close friend. Stories written about the trio never included Clair. This is her chance, in 1873, to be known and her story told correctly. Thinking about the letters brings back memories of a more youthful time together in 1816, a time of young love and lost love. A bedside note also resurrects thoughts of her long deceased, young daughter, which has her question the local Father at the church in Florence Italy, which leads to a murder. Clair is certain there is some secret she must discover quickly before another death occurs.

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This historical novel follows two timelines:The first being in Florence 1873, struggling to stay out of poverty by possibly selling her letters from famous writers, Lord Byron and Percy Shelley. The second timeline takes place in Geneva 1816, and includes memories from that fateful weekend when Mary Shelley told her harrowing tale of Frankenstein. The novel includes some richly detailed truths along with more generous tales that give thoughtful insights into Clair’s youthful choices and where they led her. This novel may have sequels which explains the somewhat abrupt ending to the story. The research done by the author was beneficial, but the story lacked emotion, making Claire’s Last Secret a novel that won’t find a home in my permanent collection.

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