Miranda Brooks has loving parents and a doting uncle who owns Prospero Books. Her uncle, Billy, celebrated each of Miranda’s birthdays by entertaining her with a scavenger hunt and a visit to the book store. Miranda relished these birthday hunts and when they suddenly stop when she was twelve, she could not understand why except that she saw Billy and her mom fight.

Years later after not seeing Billy for 16 years, Miranda finds out that Billy left her the bookstore when he died. She goes back to Los Angeles to attend the funeral and see the bookstore and is then presented with Billy’s final scavenger hunt which will lead Miranda to the many questions she had about Billy’s disappearance from her childhood. Miranda carefully peels back each clue and meets inhabitants in Billy’s life that she was not aware of.

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Meyerson has created interesting characters and a suspenseful story. As Miranda solves each piece of the scavenger hunt, a little bit of history is revealed that will intrigue readers to keep moving through the story.  The relationships that are explored in The Bookshop of Yesterdays feel genuine and readers will naturally root for Miranda to find the answers she needs. Ultimately this is a story about uncovering one’s history to gain an understanding of who she really is and how the past influences the future. Even if the discovered truth is not what was expected, lives can be improved rather than destroyed.

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