The View from Alameda Island is a story about two middle age people trying to dissolve their own tragic marriages, separately but at the same time and possible second chances in life. Lauren Delaney lived the high life according to her co-workers and friends. She was married to a notable surgeon and lived in a prestigious home with their two college age daughters, but she made a life changing decision to leave her controlling and abusive husband on their twenty fourth anniversary. Her husband, Brad, had been aloof for years and had demeaned Lauren in front of guests numerous times by calling her an idiot. He was also physically abusive and he cheated on Lauren many times. She and Brad had tried multiple counseling sessions through the years, but Brad had always controlled the sessions and continued his abusive behaviors. As Lauren begins her new life, she meets Beau Magellan who is also going through a divorce and who has experienced some of the things she is escaping from. Though neither one has been looking for a new relationship, they find that both of them are very good listeners and that they give each other inner strength to face the next obstacle.

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Robyn Carr keeps the story progressing at a steady pace, while keeping a sense of danger lurking on the next page. She adds just enough peripheral characters with quirky personalities to keep it interesting along with the many plot twists. The View from Alameda Island was thoughtfully written about sensitive subjects concerning divorce and the conflicts and even violence that sometimes occurs in these situations. The story balances the hard decisions that come with divorce against the odds to continue to move forward with a new life. This was a good stand alone book to read and I am sure Robyn Carr’s fans will appreciate it!

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