Author Maria Loretta Giraldo and illustrator Nicoletta Bertelle have created a fresh, endearing, and memorable book about trying new things and not giving up. Before reading and confirming on the back page, the book just felt like Giraldo and Bertelle had worked together previously/for an extended time. I will certainly look for more of their joint works. Saying “I can’t” is one of my pet peeves, while I am not one to force someone authentically scared to do something, I am for support/encouragement and learning to be ok with some discomfort. This story, especially little Owl, has created useful talking points and a simple reference to use with my little one who is sometimes hesitant to attempt new things.

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The use of the word ‘abracadabra’ is really brilliant. Fun to say, easy to remember and supports the story progression by saying the word first incorrectly, then quietly until said ‘with all the breath that you have in your chest!’ Giraldo is a talented writer, she uses words that I don’t feel show up in children’s books as often, but still in a way that do not over complicate the story. Owl is also quick to learn a second lesson about encouraging and supporting others to try new things, using his same new tool. Lastly, like many of the books from Magination Press, there are two full pages of notes for parents and caregivers. These highlight ways to use the books, how to help young readers grasp the importance of tasks and goals and trying different strategies. For those adult readers familiar with the growth mindset framework from Carol Dweck, this is an excellent story to illustrate and foster this critical life skill. This book will stay on our shelves for several years to come. The story is enjoyable for very young to listen to, but also a good story for early readers as there are enough words per page but still pictures to help support the story.