The premise of Everything is Negotiable is that there are five tactics to get what you want in life, work, and love, and is focused on women. Morgan’s perspective is based on her personal life coupled with her work in academia. She provides numerous examples and stories based on her conversations with students, classes that she delivers and her own experiences from childhood to adulthood, as well as being a parent. She summarizes all this raw material into her five tactics: Don’t confuse your wants, Choose all that apply, Own the terms, Never give your all, and Get out of your way. Each tactic gets a chapter with lots of sub topics and examples and ends with a summary text box.

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“The point is, when it comes to negotiating with ourselves, we can get in situations where we don’t allow ourselves to counter.  But these counteroffers help move you toward your goals.  Put them out there and let yourself build up to where you want to be.”

Reading Morgan’s book feels like following her on a personal journey (almost a vendetta at times). She tells lots of stories in a memoir-like fashion. This is not a quick read. It takes some effort to flow through the pages to figure out what the tactic is “all about”. The end-of-the-chapter summaries help tie the content together, but this is not your typical self-help book. This will frustrate some readers as they seek actionable ideas but for someone that prefers to meander to the meaning and perhaps be inspired to try a different tact, this book will probably hit the mark.

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