It is with great sadness that I must announce that I am no longer able to continue managing Portland Book Review to the degree that it deserves. I have been struggling with a series of interconnected illnesses over the last year, and it has finally reached the point that I must admit when too much is too much. This has been a wonderful experience that has connected thousands of book lovers across the globe, and has given me the chance to get to know a number of them very well. I cannot even begin to properly express my thanks to my wonderful reviewers, and all of our supportive and amazing readers. Please go check out our sister sites over at for any future reviewing needs.

For anyone who has recently purchased a sponsored review, refunds will be going out over the next 2 weeks. I will also be reaching out to publicists over the next month.

I hope you continue to find good books to read and enjoy, good people to discuss them with, and continue to share your love of the written word.


Whitney Smyth