Now that we’re in the middle of spring, the weather is warming up with not a rainy day in sight.  Why not enjoy these nice days with a fantasy book? Read on for some of our recommendations.

Blood of Empire (Gods of Blood and Powder (3))
By Brian McClellan
Orbit Books, $29.00, 672 pages

The third and final book in the Gods of Blood and Powder series, Blood of Empire continues to follow Michel, Ben, and Vlora as they near the end of their journeys. Michel returns to Greenfire Depths, Ben’s invasion is interrupted, and Vlora is determined to get revenge, all in an effort to stop the Dynize. A satisfying ending to the trilogy that has readers on the edge of their seats.

The True Bastards (The Lot Lands Book 2)
By Jonathan French
Crown, $27.00, 584 pages

The year after Fetching became the leader of a hoof (band) of half-orcs, the Bastards are weakened by troubles and pushed to the verge of ruin. The Lots continue to test her strength.  Fetching must bring her hoof to safety, traveling through elven lands and battle wizards and dark magic.

The Rage of Dragons
By Evan Winter
Orbit, $26.00, 544 pages

The Omehi people have a unique group of people. One in every two-thousand women are born with the ability to call down dragons, and one in every hundred men can magically transform themselves to be a killing machine. However, not everyone is lucky, and the rest are born destined to fight and die in the war the Omehi have been fighting for two hundred years. Tau is one of these people, but plans to escape, until his loved ones are murdered, and revenge becomes his only thought.  

The Unkindest Tide
By Seanan McGuire 
DAW, $26.00, 368 pages

When the Selkies made a deal with the sea witch, they never thought the day she came to call out their debts would actually come. When Toby is told that she must be part of the process for the Selkies to fulfill their end of the deal, she, and the rest of the Selkies, has no choice but to do so, or face the Luidaeg’s consequences. However, everything is made more difficult when Dianda Lorden is arrested and a Selkie is murdered.

Ninth House
By Leigh Bardugo
Flatiron Books, $27.99, 480 pages

At first glance, Alex Stern seems to have thrown her life away after dropping out of school early. At age twenty, she survives an unsolved multiple homicide when no one else does. While in the hospital she is offered a full ride to attend Yale. She arrives at Yale and is given the responsibility of monitoring Yale’s secret societies. Alex discovers their activities are more sinister and even magical than she expected.

The Waters and the Wild (Serrated Edge)
By Mercedes Lackey
Baen, $25.00, 448 pages

Olivia, who’s parents’ divorce depressed her, falls for swim star and manipulator Blake. Despite her friend’s warnings, she accepts his invitation to go to a resort camp on Lake Endor. Once at the resort, Olivia realizes she was wrong about Blake, and that there is something much more sinister under the waters of Lake Endor.