With a mix of some new and previously released books and a few future releases to keep an eye out for, this round-up provides 6 captivating queer romance novels that not only sizzle with intensity but also delve deep into the complexities of identity, acceptance, and the journey to self-love. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the genre, these books promise to deliver heart-pounding romance and unforgettable characters.

The Boyfriend Subscription by Steven Salvatore Harlequin, 288 pages, $12.99

Teddy Hughes, reeling from the loss of his marriage and plant business, is ready to leave New York. His plans change when he meets Cole Vivien, a confident and attractive entrepreneur who needs a fake boyfriend to impress a potential investor for his app, VERSTL. Cole offers Teddy a deal: spend a week pretending to be his boyfriend, with strict rules of no kissing and no falling in love, in exchange for enough money to get back on his feet. Teddy, shy and unassuming, is perfect for the role. As they spend time together, the boundaries between their arrangement and real feelings begin to blur. What starts as a simple deal quickly becomes complicated as emotions get involved, challenging both men to reconsider their rules and their futures.


Really Cute People by Markus Harwood-Jones Carina Press, 336 pages, $18.99

Charlie Dee, on the brink of burnout, jumps at the chance for a work trip outside the city, seeking a break from their stressful life. However, their hope for solitude is dashed when they arrive at their rental to find a chaotic scene involving a loose bird, a cat, a small child, and the child’s parents, Hayden and Buffy. The family promises to leave the next day, but a snowstorm extends Charlie’s stay to a week. Despite the initial chaos, Charlie is charmed by the loving family and starts developing feelings for both Hayden and Buffy, who appear to reciprocate. As a potential promotion beckons Charlie back to the city, they must decide whether to pursue career ambitions or explore the newfound sense of belonging and affection with Hayden and Buffy.


The Lovers by Rebekah Faubion Berkley, 352 pages, $19.00

In this charming debut romance, two women get a second chance at love while working a stylish California wedding. Kit Larson, a tarot reader and mystic influencer, accepts a gig at a boho-chic wedding in Joshua Tree to distract herself from a recent breakup and her parents’ divorce. She is surprised to discover that the wedding planner is her high school crush, Julia Kelley. Julia, a perfectionist and highly sought-after planner, hides her vulnerabilities behind a facade of control. The situation becomes even more complicated with an ex-girlfriend in the bridal party, but reconnecting with Kit—who broke her heart years ago—proves even more challenging. Despite their past, the wedding events push Kit and Julia together, reigniting their old spark. As they navigate the chaos of the wedding, they rediscover their connection and find a second chance at love. “The Lovers” releases September 24th.


Triple Sec by TJ Alexander Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 320 pages, $17.99

In this fresh polyamorous rom-com, jaded bartender Mel works at Terror & Virtue, a swanky NYC cocktail lounge. Having witnessed numerous disastrous dates and dealing with her own romantic failures, Mel believes love is a myth. Everything changes when Bebe, a beautiful, funny, whiskey-savvy woman, walks in. Bebe, happily married to Kade and in an open relationship, expresses interest in Mel. Despite initial hesitation, Mel agrees to a date, sparking a burgeoning relationship. As their romance blossoms, Mel gains confidence, trying new things from romantic gestures to steamy exploits, and even entering a cocktail competition that could help her open her dream bar. Amidst these new experiences, she discovers a potential spark with Kade as well. As Bebe, Kade, and Mel navigate their connections, Mel starts to see love as more expansive and inclusive than she ever thought possible.


For Real by Alexis Hall Sourcebooks, 512 pages, $16.99

Laurence Dalziel, nearly forty and jaded from past relationships, feels disconnected from the dating scene. Six years after his last meaningful relationship, he meets Toby Finch—a young, fearless, and vulnerable man who reignites a spark in Laurie. Toby, unsure of his future but certain of his desire for Laurie, pursues him with intensity. Despite their powerful connection, Laurie is hesitant to fully open his heart, believing that Toby’s youth and intensity make their relationship unsustainable. Laurie struggles with the belief that what they have can’t last, no matter how right it feels. This poignant romance explores the complexities of love and vulnerability, featuring exclusive bonus material. “For Real” is the third book in the series, following “Glitterland” and “Waiting for the Flood.”


The Prospects by KT Hoffman Random House Publishing Group, 384 pages, $18.00

Gene Ionescu, a lifelong baseball enthusiast and optimist, has built a successful career as the first openly trans player in professional baseball with the minor league Beaverton Beavers. His life is disrupted when his former teammate and current rival, Luis Estrada, joins the Beavers. Initially, Gene and Luis struggle to get along, but they gradually rediscover a comfortable rhythm in the close confines of dugout benches and road trips. Their growing closeness leads to an undeniable chemistry that extends beyond the field. For every successful play, there’s a shared glance or secret, igniting a desire in Gene he’s never allowed himself to feel. As their relationship deepens, Gene must reconcile his once-fulfilling minor league life with the major league dreams Luis makes feel possible. This joyful, heartfelt debut rom-com explores the transformative power of pursuing one’s dreams and embracing new possibilities.