Ratings Guide

Our reviewers use this guide as a baseline for rating the books we receive. Three stars and above mean we like it, two and below mean the book has some problems keeping it out of our permanent collections. Please keep in mind that while we try to review for the audience the book is intended for, these are largely the opinions of the individual reviewer, and not everyone will have the same experiences with any given book.

1 Star
Did Not Like It – We’ll share the book, but feel that its problems outweigh any good points. Not recommended by the reviewer.

2 Stars
It Was OK – This is an okay book, it isn’t bad, but wasn’t able to hook the reviewer.

3 Stars
Liked It – This was a book the reviewer enjoyed reading, but isn’t necessarily going to talk about it to everyone they meet.

4 Stars
Really Liked It – The reviewer found this book a hard one to put down. The book was captivating and came through on its promises.

5 Stars
Amazing – Not only was this book enjoyable to read, but it somehow went above and beyond to really wow the reviewer. Five star reviews are the books that people can’t stop talking about and will go out of their way to tell their friends.