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The Book of Enoch looks into the information the Book of Enoch provides about how humans originated, how the world works, and the actual nature of God. Author, Efren Gamboa, states that the Book of Enoch was the first book ever written in any language and attempts to interpret the book correctly and depict it as “Holy and above all.” The book explains why the book of Enoch is not a Christian or Judaic book but a book that these and other religions borrowed from. The Book of Enoch also treats the reasons behind climate change, the deep desire of humans to become immortals, the origin of sorcery and sin, and much more. According to the book, Enoch was taken into outer space by the angels and informed about how the universe works in a machine that is more sophisticated than today’s aircraft.

To gain from the controversial insights in The Book of Enoch, one has to have an open mind and a willingness to unlearn what they’ve been taught about how the world works. The book gave me a distinct view of the world and showed me a connection between religion and science that I had never thought about before. As someone who was raised in a Christian society, I never seriously considered that climate change could be linked to spiritual causes and the sin of humans, that the heavens could be the same as outer space, or that angels could be aliens. Though I do not know how valid these ideas are, I appreciated that the book opened my mind to new possibilities and questions I hope to explore further.

It’s going to be hard to forget the mind-blowing experience of reading the scriptures of the ancient book of Enoch, which are followed by the author’s intricate and clearly stated interpretations. However, the book is missing a table of content, which could have helped the audience navigate through it. Also, I disliked that a good part of the book is dedicated to celestial bodies and calendars as they weren’t interesting enough to retain much.

Individuals who seek to discover the truth about life, God, and existence and are unsatisfied with the answers they’ve come across might find the answers they seek in The Book of Enoch. The book also includes calendars for readers who wish to learn what the author refers to as their true birth date. With a thorough, straightforward, and frank examination of the book of Enoch, Efren Gamboa’s book is here to challenge how the world sees religion, science, and life in general.

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Author Efren Gamboa
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 294 pages
Publisher PageTurner Press and Media
Publish Date 08-Jul-2021
ISBN 9781638712954 Buy this Book
Issue May 2022
Category Religion